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I have been using Hair Manifesto for almost a month and the difference it has made for my is noticeable. My hair was very sparse and could not seem to grow. I also had some patches where hair had issues growing. After starting using Hair Manifesto I can say for sure my hair is now growing and it is darker and fuller than before. I recommend it if you want to grow out your hair or improve the condition of your hair.

Winnie Chepkemoi

The Hair Manifesto is great for my daughter's hair and myself and for myself too! 

The Face serum has also gotten rid of texture from my face! I'd highly recommend!

Faith Ambajo

I Love Love love love the Naturiste Organics hair oils, I've used it for more than a month now & I can't wait to order another one. I love that it has a good scent with natural ingredients. Definitely a 👍for me.

Mary Lucy

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