naturiste organic oils

Natural Beauty is Your Right!

We believe in the healing power of plant oils and botanicals. Science and traditional medicine have shown proven benefits of natural ingredients in improving and maintaining health, beauty, and wellness. 

That’s why our joy and mission is to create life changing organic health and beauty oils for your face, body, hair, and scalp. Our oils are made with you in mind to enhance the glow on your face, allow your body skin to feel smooth, soft and healthy, and to increase your confidence by growing beautiful and lustrous hair.

Naturiste Organic Oils for Face, Body, Hair, and Scalp

Our ingredients for face, body, hair and scalp oils are 100% natural.  We select plant oils and botanical extracts that will infuse our face serums, hair oils, and body oils with phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, free-radical fighting antioxidants, moisturizing fatty acids and rich omegas 3, 6, and 9. Each product has a special blend of different plant oils and botanical extracts. This is designed to target face, skin, hair, and scalp needs and allow the ingredients to work in synergy to stimulate repair, healing, improved moisture, and to provide nourishment and maintain optimal health. 

Who We Are

Naturiste Organic Oils is a 100% Kenyan and women-owned business. Our aim is to support women and men on their beauty, skin, hair, and wellness journey.

We hope to boost your body image confidence no matter your color, size, or gender through the use of organic plus effective skin care and hair care, and wellness products. Skin and hair oils are therapeutic and effective in promoting your natural beauty. 

How do our customers feel?

I bought the Hair Manifesto and Skin Perfecting Face Serum.

The Hair Manifesto has a cooling effect on my scalp and it helps my hair feel soft. I use it lightly when combing out my hair because it becomes more manageable and easier to comb. I also use it for styling and adding shine. I am using it to grow longer hair too.

I use the face serum to improve my skin complexion, it has helped smoothen my skin and my pores look tighter. I love how light and absorbable it is on skin.


The Hair Manifesto is great for my daughters' hair and for myself too! The Face Serum has also gotten rid of texture from my face! I'd highly recommend!

Faith Ambajo

I Love Love love love the Naturiste Organics hair oils, I've used it for more than a month now & I can't wait to order another one. I love that it has a good scent with natural ingredients. Definitely a 👍for me.

Mary Lucy


Our products are inspired by the clean beauty ideal.

Naturiste Organic Oils products are prepared in small batches using safe ingredients you can trust.

We ensure the skin and hair oils are properly constituted and consistent in formulation from one batch to another to continue delivering desired benefits for our client. 

Our hope is to provide natural products that promote self-healing and repair, optimal health for your skin and hair, and natural beauty.

Herbalism, aromatherapy, and naturopathy are some of our guiding principles, and help to direct our practice.

Effective hair and skin oils.
Anti-aging body oil and hair oils in Kenya.

Air tight and minimal packaging is designed to ensure the integrity of the product is preserved. 

Naturiste Organic Oils products are safe for people and the planet.